Get a telephone that only echoes back
your voice.
Call every day and talk about many



Step in all the puddles in the city.



Hide until everybody goes home.
Hide until everybody forgets about you.
Hide until everybody dies.



Snow Piece

Take a tape of the sound of the snow
This should be done in the evening.
Do not listen to the tape.
Cut it and use it as strings to tie
gifts with.
Make a gift wrapper, if you wish, using
the same process with a phonosheet.


Draw a map to get lost.



Instead of obtaining a mirror,
obtain a person.
Look into him.
Use different people.
Old, young, fat, small, etc.



It’s sad that the air is the only
thing we share.
No matter how close we get to each other,
there is always air between us.

It’s also nice that we share the air.
No matter how far apart we are,
the air links us.



Use your blood to paint.
Keep painting until you faint. (a)
Keep painting until you die. (b)



a) Whisper. Ask the wind to take it to the
end of the world.

b) Whisper to the clouds. Ask them to remember

c) Whisper what happened that day to the
reeds. Weave a pair of sandals with them and
send it to a friend.

d) Whisper all your secret thoughts to a tree.
Make a guitar out of it and send it to a

e) Whisper a secret to a young tree. Make a
chair out of it and send it to a man.

f) Whisper your name to a stone. Send it to
a stranger.

g) Whisper the first word that came to you
to a person next to you.


Once we were fish
moving freely in the sea.
Our bodies were soft and swift
and we had no belongings.

Now that we crawled out of the sea
we are dry and full of cravings.
We wander city to city
carrying the memory of the sea
(but it isn’t just a memory).

Listen very carefully and you will hear
the sea in your body.
You know, our blood is seawater
and we are all seacarriers.


The mind is omnipresent, events in life never happen alone and the history is forever increasing its volume. The natural state of life and mind is complexity. At this point, what art can offer (if it can at all – to me it seems) is an absence of complexity, a vacuum through which you are led to a state of complete relaxation of mind. After that you may return to the complexity of life again, it may not be the same, or it may be, or you may never return, but that is your problem.
Mental richness should be worried just as physical richness. Didn’t Christ say that it was like a camel trying to pass through a needle hole, for John Cage to go to heaven? I think it is nice to abandon what you have as much as possible, as many mental possessions as the physical ones, as they clutter your mind. It is nice to maintain poverty of environment, sound, thinking and belief. It is nice to keep oneself small, like a grain of rice, instead of expanding. Make yourself dispensable, like paper. See little, hear little, and think little.

Yoko Ono – Grapefruit


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  1. M-aş înregistra tăcând şi apoi m-aş asculta, de vorbit vorbesc prea mult cu mine, sunt obositoare.
    Mi-a plăcut ideea cu banda imprimată cu fulgi căzuţi. E duioasă.

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