of love & other demons

“In Madeleine’s face was a stupidity Mitchell had never seen before. It was the stupidity of all normal people. It was the stupidity of the fortunate and beautiful, of everybody who got what they wanted in life and so remained unremarkable.”

“Of all the other things Madeleine might have chosen to do, she had sat down and written Mitchell a letter[…]  She had typed Mitchell’s name and licked the envelope and typed her return address, so that he could write back, so that he knew where to find her, if he wanted to look.
Every letter was a love letter.”

“Madaleine had a feeling that most semiotic theorists had been unpopular as children, often bullied or overlooked, and so had directed their lingering rage onto literature.”

“-Who are you, anyway?
-Just someone who knows, from personal experience, how attractive it can be to think you can save somebody else by loving them.”

“She had just started living like a grown-up and she’d never felt more vulnerable, frightened, or confused in her life.”

“Madeleine listened to her sister sympathetically. She understood that Alwyn’s complaints about her marriage were complaints about marriage and men in general. But, like anyone in love, Madeleine believed that her own relationship was different from every other relationship, immune from typical problems. For this reason, the chief effect of Alwyn’s words was to make Madeleine secretly and intensely happy.”

Jeffrey Eugenides – The Marriage Plot



  1. o singura intrebare am, mai mult o sincera curiozitate: de ce pe coperta editiei romanesti, la polirom, era pe fundal ceva vag cu barthes si ceva cu fragmentele dintr-un discurs indragostit?

    care-i legatura? 🙂

  2. legatura e ca eroina (numita Madeleine) si-a facut “discursul” carte de capatai si priveste viata prin lentila lui barthes. studenta la litere, deh 😀

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